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Welcome to the 31st century. A robbery in New-York. A suicide in Paris. And a former sector agent forced to return to work despite a sour past. Just reinstated, Mara Ibanez is joined by Axel Melcarn, a young agent, to investigate these two cases, deeply linked. In a sprawling Paris, where students riots shook a technocratic system, she tries to discover why Eoknens aliens return to Earth after many years of silence. And with them, a mysterious belief... The Line...

During her research, she will discover the unspeakable truth. Because, faced to a pandemic likely to eradicate Humanity, it has to make the worst possible choice.


Scenario : Antoine Rouaud - Drawing and Colours : Syrphin.


La Ligne is an adaptation of Antoine Rouaud's audio saga, which you can find on Audiodramax (Only in French).
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